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Serious Felonies in Federal Court

Respected Shreveport Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

At The Law Office of G. Warren Thornell, A.P.L.C., we provide strong federal criminal defense to individuals facing conviction of serious felonies and capital charges. From our offices in Shreveport, we represent clients throughout northern Louisiana who are facing charges in the Western, Middle, and Eastern U.S. District Courts of Louisiana.

Extensive Federal Criminal Defense Practice

Shreveport federal criminal defense lawyer G. Warren Thornell has participated in over 70 criminal jury trials in federal court. He also sits as first chair on a panel of death-qualified attorneys for capital cases throughout Louisiana. He is available to provide the aggressive and determined defense you need when facing charges for:

  • White collar crimes, including embezzlement and corruption
  • Fraud offenses, including health care fraud and mortgage fraud
  • Federal drug offenses, including distribution and trafficking of narcotics
  • Computer crimes, including Internet offenses such as solicitation

We Know How to Build and Present a Strong Defense

In federal criminal defense cases, we prepare a defense by marshalling our resources, including crime-scene experts, investigators, and mitigation specialists. We carefully evaluate every aspect of the case and look for deficiencies in the prosecution's case. We counsel our clients on their options and the best course of action. We assist with plea negotiations and advise our clients on the advantages and disadvantages of going to trial versus pleading to accept a lesser sentence.

If you are facing long-term deprivation of your liberty or the death penalty, you need skilled and experienced legal representation. We offer our clients highly professional and effective federal criminal defense services dedicated to protecting your rights and your future. We understand what is at stake, and you can trust in us to fight for you.

Contact Our Louisiana Murder and Fraud Defense Attorney

Our extensive experience practicing law in Louisiana gives us deep knowledge and understanding of the federal court system. We are here to guide you through the process and protect you in and out of court. If you have been accused of a federal crime in Louisiana, we invite you to contact our Shreveport law firm today.

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