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Oil & Gas Title Examination

A Respected Shreveport, Louisiana, Oil and Gas Title Examination Lawyer

The Law Office of G. Warren Thornell, A.P.L.C.'s practice includes preparation of “stand up” title examination in all parishes within the State of Louisiana north of Louisiana Highway 190. With a team of highly professional and experienced abstractors and landmen on call, our firm has the ability to search pertinent courthouse records and move quickly on a proposed drillsite title examination request. We have accumulated a vast archive of abstracts and prior title opinions covering several parishes throughout northern Louisiana, and these serve as a ready basis for further title examination should the need arise.

Our practice includes all phases of an oil or gas title examination, including:

  • Preliminary title opinions. Before a well is drilled, the operating company will order a preliminary title opinion for the drillsite tract covered by the lease to make sure they have a valid oil and gas lease and have leased the minerals from the proper mineral owner.
  • Curative actions. Depending on the outcome of the preliminary title opinion, there may be some curative action that would necessitate a supplemental title opinion prior to drilling.
  • Division order title examinations. If the production company drills a well and finds oil or gas, a division order title examination is required to allocate everyone's share of production over the entire unitized area or drillsite tract. That is the most time-intensive part of title examination work.

Our law firm performs title examinations and acquires abstract of title from an abstractor. For time and cost efficiency, we usually go to the courthouse and examine the documents ourselves, a process known as "stand up" examination.

Northern Louisiana is a well developed oil and gas basin, and there are few areas that haven't already been drilled. When production companies buy and sell oil and gas rights, they typically inherit a lot of old title opinions. As result, we often start over and reexamine all of the courthouse records to ensure that our client has a valid title and owns the mineral rights.

Attorney G. Warren Thornell has over ten years of legal experience as in-house counsel for several Gulf Coast regional oil and gas companies and large independents. He has been actively involved in all aspects of transactions from lease acquisition through the downstream legal work, which includes ensuring legal compliance during the life of an oil and gas property.

If you have a legal question or concern about an oil and gas law matter, we invite you to contact attorney G. Warren Thornell today.

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